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The Sun 12 x 12 Print by Len DiPinto


The Sun 12 x 12 Print by Len DiPinto using Kodak Metallic paper with a polystyrene backing. Frame and hanging materials not included.

This picture of the sun was taken with a special solar telescope which has special filters that allow for safe viewing and photography. The hydrogen-alpha filters on this telescope provide for a dramatic view of the suns chromosphere. In the chromosphere you can see Prominences (flares) on the edge of the sun. These Prominences can span as many as 10 earth radii in size. On the suns surface you can see spicules which run all the way around the surface of the solar disk and look exactly like red fur. Reality check, they’re jets of hot gas between 2,000 to 6,000 miles high, when seen in profile. They make the sun look like it is coated with orange fur. Black dots on the sun are sunspots which are darker than the surrounding area because they are around 2,000 degrees cooler.

Purchase this picture for the donation amount listed and own an amazing picture of the night sky taken by one of Aldrich’s astrophotographers Len DiPinto and help advance Aldrich Astronomical Society with its outreach efforts.

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