Aldrich selected to promote Hubble 30th Anniversary Photo

Click to see full size image of Hubble Cosmic Reef photo

In January Aldrich Astronomical Society, Inc. filed an application with the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) to win one of the limited number of 30th anniversary Hubble Space Telescope banners with a special image taken by Hubble that had never been seen in public. On February 5, 2020, Aldrich Astronomical Society, Inc. received an e-mail from the STScI telling us that our organization had been selected to receive the banner with the Hubble 30th Anniversary image! 

Members should be proud to hear that Aldrich is the ONLY organization in Massachusetts, whether University, Astronomy Club, School, etc…to be selected for this honor. Click here to see which organizations were selected not only in Massachusetts but across the country. Getting the banner was not the only honor awarded Aldrich, as NASA and the STScI, believed that Aldrich was the best organization (of those that applied) to assist NASA and STScI in promoting Hubble’s accomplishments as part of its 30th anniversary. Aldrich was excited to work with the STScI and started planning for the great reveal of this amazing image right after our selection. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 virus outbreak changed the course of this nationwide program shortly after our first planning meeting on March 10, 2020. The Covid-19 virus curtailed all planning for exclusive outreach events to be hosted by Aldrich to promote this image.

Aldrich was recently notified that STScI was opening up the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Hubble to the entire world during a 35-minute online reveal on Friday April 24th. NASA scientists provided an overview about Hubble Space Telescope including the reveal of the 30th anniversary image along with an explanation of why the image was selected. Aldrich members Jim Zebrowski and Bruce Card participated, and it was exciting to see people all across the globe checking in to share their support for the Hubble Space Telescope and for all the knowledge that the it delivered to scientists on Earth. Aldrich president Jim Zebrowski commented “I was very eager to see the 30th Anniversary image, which included the high definition image nicknamed the Cosmic Reef and an amazing 3D video flythrough of the region in space where it was found. That image and the 3D flythrough is posted on our website for all of our supporters to enjoy and share.”

Aldrich will start planning for future outreach events related to the 30th anniversary of Hubble, and all its amazing images and science accomplishments once the COVID 19 virus has passed, and all gathering restrictions are lifted.

Aldrich has been part of outreach events teaching astronomy to the public since 1932. Attendance at these events reached a total of 17, 895 visitors last year. Thank you for your continued support for the Aldrich Astronomical Society, Inc. โ€“ we appreciate your interest. We are a membership supported society that actively provides a mentoring atmosphere to all who share a passion for learning about astronomy, space exploration and want to encourage youth and adults alike to learn about science and exploring their universe!

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