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Bob Peloquin a long time Aldrich Member has recently passed away

Bob at his favorite restaurant “The Hangover Pub”

It’s with great sadness we announce the passing of our friend and longtime Aldrich member Bob Peloquin, Jr.. Bob has been instrumental in maintaining our Oakham Observatory site and helping with plans for the new Aldrich Community Outreach Center. Bob was also responsible for maintaining all of our equipment and for all of the structures and facilities at the Oakham site. He actively participated in many outreach programs for the scouts, Starfest and helped support our future plans as an Aldrich Board member.

Bob working as Backhoe operator preparing Observatory field for use

His recent work helped upgrade our solar power at the Oakham site to meet our telescope tracking and astrophotography requirements. Bob also added WiFi capability and was in the process of doubling our solar panels on site to meet future needs for our membership. Everyone who has had an opportunity to visit the site is always impressed with the well manicured lawn and especially appreciated the new bathroom facilities with running water from our new well! Bob definitely had a hand in making these upgrades work and was more than capable at using the telescopes to show people night sky objects. He also was good at motivating members to get enough volunteers to help run the mower once a week throughout the summer and to help staff work parties when we added new buildings to the site!

Bob getting ready to mow the Observatory field as he had many times

Bob was a dedicated aficionado for all food served at his favorite restaurant, the Hangover Pub in Worcester!  His Facebook page was full of images of all of his favorite meals and comments on the meals served there. Bob was also an avid glider pilot and went as often as he could. He traveled extensively with his small teardrop pull trailer, and he worked closely with his friends at CMARA (Central Massachusetts Amateur Radio Association) to have a successful weekend of ham radio activities during the last Saturday in June.  Bob often talked about installing a small radio telescope at our site!  

Bob sharing some chips at the Observatory field barbecue

His skill set was pretty far ranging and he was always able to call in help for moments when he needed some specific skills to make things work at the site like for the WiFi upgrade last summer. Bob had a wry, sometimes sarcastic sense of humor that could get him into trouble at times but would always try to laugh and poke fun at himself when things did not go according to plan!

Bob was one of the key members building the Roll-off Roof Observatory

Bob will be missed – when he took on a project, you always knew things would start moving and get done in a timely fashion. Like I mentioned earlier – he could be a good motivator to get volunteers up to the site and to help with clean up and brush clearing as needed!

Bob at Aldrich Starfest event

He is survived by his brother Michael Peloquin who owns an auto repair shop in Worcester, Due to the impact of the Corona Virus, current plans are to have a very small ceremony for family only.

To view Bob’s obituary please click here.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. MAllah says:

    My condolences go out to Bobs, family in this time of sorrow . I know we have never Bob, but I’m sure we would of become good friends
    Rest In Peace good man ❤️

  2. Kent Hartig says:

    Bob will be sorely missed. He was a great supporter of Goddard Cadet Squadron. Our condolences go out to his family.

    Maj Kent Hartig, CAP
    Unit Commander, Goddard Cadet Squadron, Civil Air Patrol