Aldrich Astrophotographers capture the Lunar X and V

Aldrich astrophotographers were recently challenged by the club to capture the famous and elusive Lunar X and V on the night of Saturday March 20th. 

The Lunar X is an effect in which light and shadow creates the appearance of a letter ‘X’ on the rim of the Blanchinus, La Caille and Purbach craters. The X is visible only for a few hours before the first quarter, slightly below the lunar terminator.

Near to the X, the Lunar V is also visible, formed by Ukert crater and several other small craters.

Although these effects are visible every month the amount of illumination varies due to libration and when the terminator is visible at night which makes these targets more visible. So there are really only 9 months where these targets are visible.

See if you can find them in these fine photos and videos below!

Video by Bruce de Graaf

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