Aldrich attends Space Expo 2021 at New England Air Museum

Six members of Aldrich Astronomical Society attended the 2021 Space Expo event on Saturday 8/21 at the New England Air Museum. The event had a recorded attendance of around 550 guests based on attendance numbers sent to us from the program director at the museum. Aldrich had 3 large tables provided to us for the event which the Aldrich members in attendance manned for the duration of the event. We would guess we received around half the total attendance number at our table which would make that number somewhere between 200 and 300 individuals. 

A BIG THANK YOU goes to the Aldrich members who helped out at our table including Jim Zebrowski, Syed Ali, Anton & Albert Grankin, Bruce de Graaf, and Kevin Boucher. Members had plenty of opportunity to attend event lectures and museum exhibits during the course of the event because we had enough people to cover the tables in shifts. NEAM provided Aldrich members with a free lunch which was very nice.

Below are some pictures from the event.

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