Thousands of people attend TouchTomorrow event at Polar Park

Aldrich members Jim Zebrowski, Bruce Card, Dino Tata, Michael Mackiewicz, and Kevin Boucher manned a table at the annual WPI event about science and technology called TouchTomorrow which was held on Saturday April 2nd. The event is usually held at WPI but this year because of COVID concerns with students on campus they decided to hold the event at Polar Park. Aldrich had a table in the DCU Club level at the park which was a great location. Thousands of people attended this event which was very successful for Aldrich in getting the word out about who we are and where we are located. Hopefully this will bring us many new members during the rest of this year. All Aldrich members were especially busy with the enthusiasm  given us regarding their interest in astronomy and looking through telescopes.

Below are a few pictures Jim had time to take during the event…we also had a visit from the dark side thanks to DCU who had a table next to us and had a virtual Darth Vader app we played with.

Bruce Card with a couple of young attendees
Dino Tata in front of Hubble banner
Bruce Card showing a young attendee how a telescope works
Aldrich members Michael and Dino speaks with visitors
Kevin speaking with visitor interested in Astrophotography
Bruce and Michael engaged with interested attendees
Closeup of the Solar System Orrery by Solar Ambasssador Dino Tata
Kevin and Michael talking before show starts
Our table with interested visitors
Table background with Aldrich member photos displayed
Darth with club president Jim Zebrowski
Darth guarding Bruce Card
Darth photo bombing Kevin
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