Aldrich Observatory mount gets an upgrade

Aldrich members Tom Gauvin and his wife Judy, Jim Erickson, Kim Lemerise, and Kevin Boucher made some important upgrades to the wiring infrastructure on Sunday afternoon (4/24). The primary purpose of the rewiring project was to simplify the cabling and remove any further possibility of cables getting snagged on the mount when slewing to a target. The mount had to be taken apart to remove the A/C cabling and power strip and put in a new DC cable to the Anderson Powerpole DC hub now on the Meade 10″. All the devices we use are DC powered and 12 volt so made so much sense to make this change. Tom Gauvin was our resident electrical engineer and his skillset was invaluable to this effort. All devices were powered up and tested at the end of the installation so we should be all set for our first Star Party of the season.

Thank you to all members helping to make this possible.

Checkout the pictures below taken while we where going through this process…thank you Jim and Kim for these pictures!