James Webb release of Images shows amazing resolution

NASA has released the initial set of five images for the James Webb Space Telescope. The images they selected were selected to show off the capabilities of the telescope, not to just take pretty pictures. They did this by taking pictures through different cameras, showing different scientific aspects of the targets they chose. This includes the spectra of the target. One such spectra was of an exoplanet atmosphere which was taken when the planet was transiting the star of it’s parent solar system. Direct imaging of the exoplanet was not possible even for JWST as this planet was very close to its parent star. The JWST team has expressed the possibility of future direct imaging of exoplanet candidates which have been gathered as a result of work done by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) Team.

You can click  on any of the pictures below to go directly to the NASA press release describing that picture. On that page you have the option of downloading the high resolution (100+ megabyte)  version of that picture.

Webbs first deep field - galaxy cluster SMACS 0723
Stephan’s Quintet
Exoplanet WASP-96 b (NIRISS Transmission Spectrum)
Southern Ring Nebula
"Cosmic Cliffs" in the Carina Nebula
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