Sixty-Two People attend Boylston Star Party

Aldrich had at least 62 people turn out for the star gazing program at the Boylston soccer field across from the Town Offices on Friday October 07, 2022.
There was a short rain interruption but everyone huddled under the pavilion while Aldrich President Jim Zebrowski gave a short talk about astronomy to the audience & passed around some meteorites for everyone to make that connection to space.
Aldrich Facilities Manager Kim Lemerise brought his telescope and Jim brought the Aldrich 8 inch Celestron Dob, and the 80 mm refractor that was donated by Len DiPinto. We were able to view the Waxing Gibbous Moon, Saturn, and Jupiter through scattered clouds. A lot of young kids and even some adults who never looked through a telescope attended the program. Pamela Freschette, the Parks & Recreation Director for Boylston, did an amazing job getting the word out so Aldrich got a great turnout for this program! 
We had a lot of people thank us for giving this program – it was a very receptive and appreciative audience!