Aldrich Observatory Star Party very well attended

Well the weather mostly cooperated last night (10/22) as the skies never clouded over but occasionally had a then cloud layer. We had approximately 30 members and Worcester State students in attendance last night looking through a whole host of club and member telescopes spread all over the field. Aldrich is working on an affiliation with the WSU astronomy department that has professors who are also Aldrich club members (Nabin Malakar and Bob Kolesnik). We may see more WSU students in the future as we help with various aspects of their astronomy program.

Aldrich member Jim Ericksen setup an antenna and his laptop to do some Radio Astronomy as he was detecting the radio signal from excited Hydrogen in the skies above us last night. He was using the Open Source software called “CubicSDR” to monitor the radio frequency 1.42 GHz which is the Hydrogen line for radio astronomy.

A few pictures below while Jim was tuning in the night sky. 

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