Fun had by all at West Boylston Senior Center stargazing event

Aldrich member Kim Lemerise was able to grab some great pictures from our successful star party sponsored by the Beaman Memorial Library at the West Boylston Senior Center on Friday 10/28. We had 40 patrons turn out including more than a few interested kids that received 
spacy stickers for there interest. Jessica Wright, the librarian said we received a lot of compliments from those who attended. Aldrich president Jim Zebrowski used the Aldrich six inch Dobsonian telescope, the 80 mm refractor and Kim brought his 4 inch Catadioptric. Targets on the list for the evening included the waxing Crescent Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and the colorful double star Albireo.  Jim gave a short talk about the recent successful NASA missions like DART, JWST and mentioned the upcoming Artemis launch scheduled for a little after midnight on November 14th. Jim also walked people through the ecliptic and had one young person manage the small Dobsonian for a while. All in all a very successful star party!
Below are a few pictures from the event.