Amateur Astronomy Club

Richards Memorial Library Patrons had lots of questions at recent program

Club President Jim Zebrowski enjoyed delivering a presentation about the James Webb Telescope called “Seeing to the beginning of time” on Thursday 1/26 to Richard Memorial Library patrons that were interested enough to ask some additional questions after the program was complete.

He was also able to show four of the patrons great views of the waxing crescent Moon and Jupiter with three of the Galilean moons lined up along one side of the planet using the Aldrich six inch Dobsonian telescope just before the program started! 

It was cold but everyone marveled at seeing the planets and our own Moon so close up.  Club Library Telescope Director John Root delivered a nice overview of the library telescope program.  In attendance was club member and Solar System Ambassador Dino Tata.

Hi Jim and John -- Many, many thanks from Richards Memorial Library! Thank you, John, for joining the program and educating participants about the wonderful telescope program and the opportunity to check out a telescope from the library. Thank you, Jim, for presenting "The James Webb Space Telescope: Seeing to the Beginning of Time" with such enthusiasm, energy, and generosity. The images, information, and tone were just perfect. Many participants expressed to me afterward how much they learned from, and enjoyed, the program. We feel very lucky to have the support of the Aldrich Astronomical Society. Thank you!
Kristin Steinmetz
Youth Services Librarian
Richards Memorial Library