Amateur Astronomy Club

Aldrich at Florence Sawyer School in Bolton

Eighth-grade social studies teacher Thea Tully invited Aldrich Astronomical Society to a STEM event at the Florence Sawyer Grade School in Bolton, MA on Wednesday night 2/8. Club President Jim Zebrowski started the event with an indoor program on the James Webb Telescope starting at 6:30 PM. Then everyone moved outside around 7 PM for the stargazing part of the event to look at various targets up in the sky that night. We had a number of Aldrich members bring their telescopes to show the 80 or so kids and their family members all these exciting targets. 

We want to thank club members Jim Zebrowski, Bruce DeGraaf, Kim Lemerise, Barry Levin, Scott Gridley, and Anthony Long for helping out with this event. Apologize if we forgot anyone.

Pictures from this event are shown below.