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Aldrich Members well represented at NEAIC/NEAF conference in New York

Aldrich members Bruce Card, Chris Martel, Len DiPinto, Marsha Wilcox, Joe Geiger, Nico Carver, and Kevin Boucher recently attended the Northeast Astro-Imaging Conference (NEAIC) and the Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF) in the Suffern NY area from 4/13 – 4/16.

Aldrich member Nico Carver was a keynote speaker at the end of first day of the NEAIC event speaking about some of the key features available in the newest release of the free Image Processing program SIRIL. He spoke in front of a packed room of attendees delivering an excellent presentation of just how easy SIRIL is to use.

Members Marsha Wilcox and Joe Geiger attended their first NEAIC/NEAF conference this year. Member Bruce Card continued with his lucky streak and won a Pegasus Powerbox Advance system used to provide controlled DC power to your astrophotography equipment and dew heaters along with USB ports to communicate with them.

All members pretty much attended the whole NEAIC conference and only the first day of the NEAF conference.

Below  are some pictures from the NEAF event before returning home.

1 thought on “Aldrich Members well represented at NEAIC/NEAF conference in New York”

  1. Adrian M Zeffert

    Thank you for bringing back memories and photos.
    For those of us who are unable to travel to such shows, the stories and photos keep us informed and provide a feeling of belonging.

    Thanks Jim and the crew!

    Adrian Zeffert

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