Amateur Astronomy Club

Lift-Off to Learning Program at Lunenburg Public Library

Aldrich President Jim Zebrowski presented the Lift-off to Learning program at the field behind the Lunenburg Library on Thursday June 29th. He used a combination of stomp rockets, air burst rockets and screaming rocket balloons to talk about Newton’s Laws of Motion especially the Action-reaction principle of the third law of motion. He introduced everyone to our local rocketeer Robert H. Goddard and Frank Joseph Malina , who was the first assistant director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and a major scientist who helped promote rocket research during World War II.

Jim also demonstrated Bernoulli’s principle using a battery powered leaf blower, a small plastic tube and a bucket of ping pong balls!  The kids were amazed with the results which propelled ping pong balls all over the field. This demonstration proved to be very successful with the kids.

The weather held off perfectly and got everyone interested in rockets and even flying ping pong balls and rocket balloons. Below are pictures from the event.