Amateur Astronomy Club

Aldrich July Star Party finally happened this past Saturday

Well we had a number of rainy days lately including the original scheduled date this month for our monthly Star Party. We had a lot of NEW members join us this past Saturday and were enthusiastic to look through the many Aldrich and member owned telescopes. You will notice some of the pictures looked smokey and that is because one of our neighbors must have been burning a very smokey fire. The skies started out very clear but once darkness came the clouds came and went until around 10:30 when the skies completely cleared.

Everyone was anxious to look through the new Celestron 14″ Edge HD SCT.  Early on we were hopeful that the we finally worked through all the obstacles related to getting proper focus and dealing with power issues. Well the telescope worked well but once we turned on the dew heater because of the excessive dew that evening we found out we still had some power issues. We will hopefully get them corrected once and for all before the August Star Party.  

Pictures below are from the event.