Amateur Astronomy Club

Large Crowd attended Willard Clock Museum Lecture and Stargazing Event

A large crowd registered and attended the James Webb Space Telescope lecture and Stargazing event last night at the Willard Clock Museum. A big thank you to both the Willard Clock Museum staff and the keynote speaker M.J. Johnson for the invite to Aldrich to help with this event. To all indications after talking to people after the lecture, the talk M.J. provided was very well received.

We had a lot of Aldrich members either attend or help with this event. Aldrich members Donna Sebeika with her husband, and John Sherffius attended the event. Aldrich members Jim Zebrowski, Bruce Card, Len DiPinito, Bruce DeGraff, and Kevin Boucher manned telescopes during the event. Each telescope had 10-20 people inline for viewing at one point after the lecture was done. Jim Zebrowski also had a table setup with hands-on displays along with raffle prizes for the kids. Due to the sky brightness we were mostly limited to viewing the Moon which was in a perfect location for viewing last night. EVERYONE was simply amazed with what they saw in the eyepiece.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the Aldrich Members who helped out last night for this very successful outreach event.

Below are pictures taken during the event. Thank you to Jim Zebrowski and M.J. Johnson for taking these pictures.