Amateur Astronomy Club

Aldrich Members work at Aldrich Observatory on Sunday 11/19/23

Aldrich Members Jim St Laurent, Steve Bodine, Jim Zebrowski, and Kim Lemerise met up at the Observatory site on Sunday 11/19/23 to perform some required maintenance on the property. 

Some of the work performed included batteries removed from Tel-Rads, 3 lead-acid batteries taken home by Kim for warm storage including for laser collimator. The new plaque commemorating all the donations by Fran Edwards was mounted on east wall of the observatory (see pic). The Observatory Laptop was dried & stored in plastic bin (see pic). In addition to all that some grounds work was performed on the south border of field including some tree cutting and piling of wood that was cut as a result.

We want to thank all the members who participated in this work party. See pictures from Sunday work day below.