Amateur Astronomy Club

Blumsack Reception at Worcester State was well attended

Aldrich Members attended a reception at Worcester State University at the Ghosh Science and Technology Building last evening Monday 12/11/23 from 3:30 to 6 PM which commemorated the Charles Blumsack Antique Telescope collection.  Mrs. Blumsack was in attendance and seemed to really enjoy not only the collection but some of the old pictures of not only her husband but of the early beginnings of the process that restored and found a new home at WSU for the collection.

There were 30-40 people in attendance including many senior WSU staff, Aldrich Members and their spouses, and members of the public. An assortment of refreshments were served. The event started with a brief talk from the acting WSU president Lois Wims, Robert Kolesnick, and Aldrich President Jim Zebrowski. There were 12 pictures from the Aldrich Astrophotography group interspersed with the classical telescopes for attendees to enjoy.

Below are pictures from the event.