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Aldrich helps with Princeton Night Sky Fest 2024

This past Saturday Feb 3rd, Aldrich members assisted the Princeton Environmental Action Committee host their Night Sky Fest 2024 event by bringing telescopes, and handing out educational materials and stickers to children and adults attending. Princeton Environmental Action Committee Chair Corey Burnham-Howard had a table with hot chocolate for visitors.

The event was well attended with an estimate of around 100 Princeton residents and family members at the event. Many brought young children eager to look through Aldrich telescopes and listen to our talk about the night sky, and how to use Orion & the Big Dipper asterism in Ursa Major to star hop and find other objects in the night sky.  Club President Jim Zebrowski was able to hand out NASA meatball stickers to many of the younger children who attended and even gave some NASA handouts to a homeschool family with three children who were very interested in looking through our telescopes and learning about the night sky. Jim also showed the patrons how to star hop to targets in the night sky using his green laser pointer.

We want to gratefully thank not only the Princeton Environmental Action Committee for inviting us to this event, but especially all the Aldrich Members who were generous enough with their time to bring a telescope and show the enthusiastic patrons the night sky. 

  • Scott Gridley –  10″ dobsonian
  • Lee Wintringham   –  12″ dobsonian
  • Jim Zebrowski – Aldrich 8″ dobsonian and an Apogee 80 mm on tripod with 32 mm Vernon scope lens
  • Nolan Dee – Tripod with Camera & Telephoto lens
  • Steve Bodine – 6″ Newtonian on an equatorial mount
This image of Orion taken during event credited to Corey Burnham-Howard

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