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Aldrich members work with WSU Astronomy program students

Aldrich members Bruce Card, Jim Zebrowski, and Robert Kolesnik participated in the WSU Introductory and Observational Astronomy class on Monday night 2/12. WSU professor Andrew Burkhardt and students first travelled to Aldrich member Bruce Card’s home in Worcester to get a tour of his backyard roll-off roof observatory with his Astrophotography setup.  Student got a tour of observatory with a display and explanation of some of his Astrophotography pictures and the process to process them.

From there the students travelled to Barre Falls Dam and managed over an hour of observing with telescopes setup by Aldrich member Jim Zebrowski, along with member and WSU teacher Robert Kolesnik. Jim brought the club 8″ Dob and his 80mm refractor and Bob brought his 10″ Dob for observing the night sky.

Pictures below from both locations.

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