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Worcester State Magazine article on the Blumsack Antique Telescope collection at WSU

Most Aldrich members may not know this but Aldrich has played a long history in working with Mrs. Blumsack regarding her late husbands antique telescope collection. The collection was moved from place to place until it finally found a home with the science department at Worcester State University. What better place than an educational facility in Worcester with a blosoming Astronomy program that Aldrich is playing a small role in fostering. This is also the home of the collection so we would have hated to see it move out of the area.

A number of Aldrich members have played a VERY SIGNIFICANT role in inventorying, curating, and restoring the collection over the last many years. These members include in no order Kim Lemerise (Aldrich facilities manager), Jim Zebrowski (Aldrich President), and Robert Kolesnik (Aldrich member and WSU adjunct Astronomy Instructor). Hopefully I didn’t miss anyone here. Kim’s understanding of optics helped immensely with this endeavor to restore these beautiful telescopes.

Below is a link to an article about all this that was just released on the Worcester State Magazine site. Please check it out!  

Antique telescope collection opens up the universe for students and faculty

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  1. Congratulations to the Aldrich team and to Worcester State University for their outstanding work in the restoration process of this historic antique telescope collection. It’s been many years since this donation first came to light and the offer from Mrs. Blumsack for Aldrich to act as guardians for it. Now, after these many years the perfect home has been found for these amazing instruments. Thank you to Mrs. Blumsack, Aldrich Astronomical Society and Worcester State University for their dedication of making this journey possible.
    Bruce Card

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