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About Us

About Us

Aldrich Astronomical Society (AAS), which was founded in 1932, is one of the oldest amateur astronomy clubs in the United States. We are dedicated to promoting an understanding of the night sky. AAS has also been the recipient of numerous Awards.

NASA astronaut speaks with StarFest attendees
NASA Astronaut speaks with Starfest attendees

Our membership is very active. Here are some examples of what we do:

  • Host sky viewing sessions (weather permitting) at both our meeting location in Paxton and our private Observatory location in Oakham.
  • Invite lecturers from academia, amateur community, and society members
  • Offer educational outreach to schools, libraries, and scouts (100+ events in 2021)
  • Get together on a weekly basis for socializing and sharing knowledge
  • Steward a statewide adopt-a-library telescope program (178 libraries received telescopes across Massachusetts since 2014)
  • Amateur telescope making
  • Telescope loan program to members from our extensive inventory
  • Astrophotography training and equipment provided

Our club is a registered charity with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (MGL chapter 180) and the United States Internal Revenue Service (501(c)(3) IRS code).  We maintain our bylaws (see Aldrich Astronomical Society, Inc. ByLaws) and other filings with the Secretary of the Commonwealth and Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General. Donations are tax deductible.

Aldrich and the Community

Aldrich stays VERY ACTIVE in educating the community by sponsoring many outreach Astronomy programs every year. Whether giving a program at a local Library, having a Stargazing event at a local school, or helping a scout troop with their Astronomy badges, we provide many programs to kids and adults alike. Aldrich averages close to 80+ events every year in locations spanning all over Massachusetts.

Below is a list indicating how many people have attended events we have provided content for over the last 10+ years. There are gaps in this list due to COVID restrictions on events for that year.

YearOutreach Attendance

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Current Club Officers & Directors


Jim Zebrowski


Nick Powlovich


Larry Moss

Public Relations

Open Seat

Facilities Manager

Kim Lemerise


Kevin Boucher


Nabin Malakar


Library Telescope Coordinator

John Root

Construction Coordinator

Steve Gallo


Director At Large

Bruce Card


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