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Astrophotography is a mix of art and photography and a most difficult hobby to master. Imagine trying to take a five minute or more exposure of a point source (star), and a very dim astronomy target such as a Galaxy or Nebula that is constantly moving because the earth you’re shooting from is constantly rotating. Or trying to capture the incredibly small details on the surface of a planet through an atmosphere that is constantly blurring your target. If you’re interested in learning any of the branches of Astrophotography (Deep Sky, Planetary, or Nightscape) from our Aldrich Astrophotography mentors please contact our Astrophotography group here.

Astrophotography Class Videos

Part 1 – Setup and Planning – presented by Chris Martel

Part 2 – DSLR Image Acquisition and NightScape Photography – presented by Ken Cleveland and Len DiPinto

Part 3 – CCD Image Acquisition and Planetary Video Acquisition – presented by Kevin Boucher

Part 4 – Using Flat, Dark, Bias frames to Calibrate + Stacking – presented by Chris Martel and Bruce Card

Part 5 – Image Post Processing using Adobe PS and PixInsight – presented by Kevin Boucher and Chris Martel

Introduction to DSLR Astrophotography using no Mount, no Guiding, on Andromeda Galaxy– presented by Nico Carver

PixInsight Fundamentals – presented by Kevin Boucher

PixInsight OSC Workflow– presented by Kevin Boucher

PixInsight Masks– presented by Kevin Boucher

PixInsight Artifact Correction and Noise Reduction – presented by Kevin Boucher

PixInsight Stretch your images using the new Generalized Hyperbolic Stretch – presented by Kevin Boucher

Beginning DSLR Photography - Class 1 Exposure/Framing/Acquisition – presented by Nico Carver/Kevin Boucher

Calling all Astrophotographers - Part 6 - Sharing workflows for OSC processing

Beginner Astrophotography training using a DSLR - Part 3 - Calibrating and Stacking your photos

External Astrophotography References

DSLR Astrophotography by Jerry Lodriguss

Here are some great reference material from an expert in DSLR Photography. A lot of free content but also some very good books he wrote on this subject.

PixInsight Video Tutorials by PixInsight

Here you will find a number of video tutorials on various PixInsight Processes.

PixInsight Video Tutorials by Light Vortex Astronomy

Here you will find a number of video tutorials on various PixInsight Processes and workflows.

PixInsight Video Tutorials by Warren Keller

Here you will find a number of free and paid video tutorials on various PixInsight Processes.

Astronomy Tools

This website contains a lot of useful Astrophotography related calculators such as FOV, CCD Resolution, etc...

Astrophotography processing using Adobe Photoshop by AstroBackyard

This website has a number of videos dedicated to showing how to acquire pictures and then process them using various tools including Photoshop.

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