Amateur Astronomy Club


We’re passionate about astrophotography, taking photos of solar system objects and distant galaxies, nebula, and supernovae. We will show you the ropes — from using a cellphone camera held to an eyepiece all the way to stacking long-exposure computer controlled multi-camera CCD/CMOS and DSLR images and sophisticated post-processing techniques. Our photos are used in Aldrich outreach presentations and have been image of the day on various astronomy websites.

Total lunar eclipse of September 27, 2015 by AAS imager Bruce “Chuck” Card

Learn from our Mentors

Astrophotography is a mix of art and photography and a most difficult hobby to master. Imagine trying to take a five minute or more exposure of a point source (star), and a very dim astronomy target such as a Galaxy or Nebula that is constantly moving because the earth you’re shooting from is constantly rotating. Or trying to capture the incredibly small details on the surface of a planet through an atmosphere that is constantly blurring your target. If you’re interested in learning any of the branches of Astrophotography (Deep Sky, Planetary, or Nightscape) from our Aldrich Astrophotography mentors please contact our Astrophotography group here.

Check out photographs below from our Astrophotographers

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