Amateur Astronomy Club


Absolutely NOT, most of our members have never used a telescope before and join primarily to learn how to use a telescope and find targets in the night sky

Most members don’t own a telescope of thier own but use the club telescopes at the Observatory. Members can loan out most telescopes the club owns for use at home after a short training session from our Facilities manager.

Only club members and their guests are allowed at the club observatory.

Joining the club is easy. We have 2 ways to join, you can join online using the “Join Us” link above and pay via a credit card. Or you can print out a membership form using the “Join Us” link above and mail it in with a check.

New member rates are pro-rated based on when you join during the Aldrich calendar which starts September 1st. So if you join in March, for example, you would only pay 50% of the normal rate for the balance of that year. It’s a good way to check us out without fully committing.

We have a number of membership levels to chose from including Junior, Regular, Senior, Family, and Lifetime.

Absolutely, whether your a member or not we would be happy to suggest a telescope to purchase based on what you most want to look at, your skill level for finding targets in the night sky, and of course your budget. Supply answers to these questions when you click on the “Contact Us” menu option above.

We certainly can as we have a large group of Astrophotography mentors in the club. If your just getting started we recommend you contact us before you purchase any gear so we can steer you in the right direction. We also have a large Video library for members only of How To videos for all aspects of Astrophotography for beginners and experts alike. We also have many ZOOM meetings a year specifically on Astrophotography topics.

All member meetings are simulcasted via ZOOM so members can attend virtually if they choose not to attend in person.

The Aldrich Observatory is located in Oakham and directions and gate combination is available to Members only on the following website page…”Members Only>Observatory & Benefit Information”.

Yes…there is a flush toilet bathroom that is normally locked except for at Club Star Party events. The key for the bathroom is located in the Utility building. The combo for the utility building is located on the club website at “Members Only>Observatory & Benefit Information”.

You would be amazed that even a simple amount of Astronomy knowledge that you have would be more than what most attendees have at the outreach events we work at. Just the same Aldrich mentors will train you so you would be very comfortable talking about a focused topic. Simply sharing your joy for Astronomy maybe all you need to help out at an outreach event. 

Only Aldrich members can help out at an outreach event. If your interested in helping out at any event on our calendar by just bringing yourself, or bringing a telescope to show people the night sky please send an email to to get more information. Commonly we send an email to members asking for help but if you see an upcoming event you’re interested in please feel free to state your interest.

Please volunteer – it can be a learning experience and a way to extend and enhance your own personal knowledge about astronomy and space exploration by sharing your passion with others!

Aldrich members are allowed to loan out one of the many club telescopes available for loan but there is a process. You need to contact our Facilities Director ( to check on availability, and schedule a training session on the telescope to be loaned out.

Members can access the full telescope inventory on the Members only section of the Aldrich website located here.

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