Past Lectures and Presentations

A ripple, a flash and a bang: the story of two neutron stars – presented by Ashley Villar

Collimating Your Optics by Kevin Boucher and Len DiPinto

Panoptes presentation by Josh Walawender – Keck Observatory Astronomer

Free Astronomy Software for your PC and Cell Phone PowerPoint by Kevin Boucher

TESS TFOP PowerPoint presentation by
amateur Rob Trudel

TESS TFOP Video by amateur Rob Trudel

Citizen Science Presentation by Kevin Boucher

Aldrich Member ZOOM Meeting 8/1/2020

Aldrich Member ZOOM Meeting and creating Flat frame lecture on 8/29/2020

Aldrich Annual ZOOM Meeting on 10/31/2020

Aldrich ZOOM Meeting on 2/27/2021 – Translating Cosmic Light: Hubble’s perspective on the Universe presentation by Joe DePasquale

Aldrich ZOOM Meeting on 3/27/2021 – State of the Worldwide Space Industry by Kevin Boucher

Aldrich Astrophotography ZOOM Meeting on 4/22/2021 – My Workflow using ZWO ASIAir by Joe Geiger

Aldrich Member Special ZOOM Meeting on 4/24/2021 – This recording starts out with a Special Business meeting on proposed Bylaw changes, then is followed up with a Lecture by Dr. Emily Levesque on the Weirdest Stars in the Universe.

If you want to just skip to the lecture in video below just advance video to time index 1:04:00.

Satellites and Space Junk by Dr. Jonathan McDowell – Astrophysicist at the Harvard CfA – 1/29/22

Adventures of a Vatican Astronomer by Brother Guy Consolmagno – 3/5/22

Aldrich Board Meeting – 5/7/22

Exploring the Planet Jupiter by Dr Martha Hanner –

Astrophysicist at UMass – 6/4/22

Quarterly Business Meeting – 6/11/22

Board Meeting – 10/19/22

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