Past Lectures and Presentations

Collimating Your Optics by Kevin Boucher and Len DiPinto

Panoptes presentation by Josh Walawender – Keck Observatory Astronomer

Free Astronomy Software for your PC and Cell Phone PowerPoint by Kevin Boucher

Citizen Science Presentation by Kevin Boucher

Aldrich Member ZOOM Meeting 8/1/2020

Aldrich Member ZOOM Meeting and creating Flat frame lecture on 8/29/2020

Aldrich Annual ZOOM Meeting on 10/31/2020

Aldrich ZOOM Meeting on 2/27/2021 – Translating Cosmic Light: Hubble’s perspective on the Universe presentation by Joe DePasquale

Aldrich ZOOM Meeting on 3/27/2021 – State of the Worldwide Space Industry by Kevin Boucher

Aldrich Astrophotography ZOOM Meeting on 4/22/2021 – My Workflow using ZWO ASIAir by Joe Geiger

Aldrich Member Special ZOOM Meeting on 4/24/2021 – This recording starts out with a Special Business meeting on proposed Bylaw changes, then is followed up with a Lecture by Dr. Emily Levesque on the Weirdest Stars in the Universe.

If you want to just skip to the lecture in video below just advance video to time index 1:04:00.

Satellites and Space Junk by Dr. Jonathan McDowell – Astrophysicist at the Harvard CfA – 1/29/22

Adventures of a Vatican Astronomer by Brother Guy Consolmagno – 3/5/22

Aldrich Board Meeting – 5/7/22

Exploring the Planet Jupiter by Dr Martha Hanner –

Astrophysicist at UMass – 6/4/22

Quarterly Business Meeting – 6/11/22

Board Meeting – 10/19/22

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