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As a dues paying member you’ll enjoy:Public Outreach

  • Use of the AAS telescopes, dark site, and observatory∗
  • Taking home loaner telescopes and books from our library
  • Lectures on astrophysics, space telescopes, galactic surveys, and more
  • Participating in telescope and mirror making workshops
  • AAS newsletter
  • Exclusive member discounts on Astronomy magazine  
  • Right to vote in AAS business meetings
  • Helping out in our outreach efforts

∗ Use of telescopes and facilities requires demonstrating proper responsibility and knowledge of use. Training will be provided to new members, upon request.

Pay Dues with Credit Card/Check

To pay your new membership or renewal dues securely via credit card or by Check, select your membership level based on your age below then click “Next” button. You will be asked for your email and profile information and finally whether you want to pay by Check “Invoice me” or pay with a Credit Card “Pay online”.

New Members pay a prorated rate based on the month your joining. The Aldrich fiscal year runs September to August so the September rate would be the full rate, but the August rate would be 1/12th of the full rate. If you are having a problem with our registration/renewal process click here.

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Register by Mail or in Person

If you would like to pay by check or cash,  and either hand deliver a check/cash during your first AAS meeting, or mail a check and application form to the club officer. Download and print our mail-in membership form and instructions.

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