Amateur Astronomy Club

Northwest Cygnus wide-field – 8 panel mosaic – 11 x 14″ – Fiberboard

Photographer: Nico Carver

This is an 11 x 14″ picture with a fiberboard backing. No frame or hanger included.

This region of Cygnus west of Deneb is anchored by the bright and colorful stars 30 and 31 Cygni. There are many types of interesting and overlapping nebulae in this region including many HII regions catalogued by Dickel, Wendker, and Bieritz, as well as more recent discoveries such as the giant supernova remnant known as G 82.2+5.3 and the much smaller possible planetary nebula PN PM 1-320. This was Nico’s most challenging photo yet with more than 46 hours of integration, and the time-consuming process of creating a seamless 8 panel mosaic.