Amateur Astronomy Club

Scouts, STEM & Seniors

We are happy to provide audio visual presentations to area Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops — helping them earn their badges, pins, and ribbons. Many of us were once scouts and have fond memories of those first lessons on astronomy. We also offer STEM activities that are exciting, informative, and age appropriate. If weather permits, we often let the kids spend some time observing.

Kevin Boucher lets a young scout gain hands on experience with a telescope
Kevin Boucher lets a young scout gain hands on experience with a telescope


Scouts will get their hands on telescopes and binoculars, while meeting each of the requirements set forth by their scouting program. We cover safety first; after which we share all about telescopes, science imaging, light pollution, and constellations. We’ll offer guidance on all requirements for completing a badge.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

We also volunteer for after school enrichment programs with STEM activities and hands on demonstrations. As with the scouts, we are able to cover current events and topics in astronomy,  space science, telescopes, and telescope making. Audio visual presentations are tailored to the unique needs of each group.

Senior Citizens

Our membership includes many seniors with a passion for astronomy. We’re happy to offer programs geared towards seniors and can make accommodations for seated tabletop viewing through our portable telescopes as well as indoor PowerPoint slideshows and audio/visual presentations on trending topics in aerospace and astronomy. An excellent article, Reaching for the Stars in your Golden Years: The Importance of Outreach for Senior Citizens by Rochester Institute of Technology’s Valerie Rapson sums it up perfectly:

Seniors have a love and appreciation for astronomy that is unmatched in today’s society. They lived through the space race and watched man set foot on the Moon for the very first time. Our seniors lived in a time when space science flourished, and they understand the importance of providing government funding for telescopes and space programmes. By conducting outreach in senior living communities, we can keep seniors up to date on current astronomical endeavours and help keep their passion for space alive; a passion that we hope they will pass on to future generations. — Valerie Rapson, Rochester Institute of Technology

Please contact us at 508-556-0227 or use the online form to request more information or schedule an event.

John Root (seated) offers instruction to a new telescope owner
John Root (seated) offers instruction to a new telescope owner
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