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Solutions to common problems when trying to Join or Renew your membership

Since Aldrich has supported the ability to Join or Renew your membership online via the website we have accumulated a lot of reasons for problems people have encountered along with the solution to correct the problem. Aldrich uses a Cloud based Membership system called “Wild Apricot” which is embedded in the Aldrich website. Below are some of the key configuration items you need to worry about along with Browser specific support information provided by Wild Apricot.

Key configuration items to check on your Browser and Operating System settings:

  • Make sure the Browser you use, whether on your cell phone or computer, is the default browser. This is because Wild Apricot transfers information using cookies between various facets of the Membership process. If you start in Google Chrome for example, but your default browser is Safari, when you advance through the Membership registration/renewal process you may get transferred from one browser to another but the receiving browser doesn’t have any of the information it needs via cookies to continue. If you need help on changing or checking what your default browser is click here.
  • Javascript must be turned on in your browser for the Membership Management Software Wild Apricot to work properly. Click here for instructions on how to do this for your browser.
  • Make sure “Cookies” are enabled before your start the registration or renewal process. Cookies are used by our Membership Management Software Wild Apricot. If you need instructions on how to enable cookies for your browser please click here.
  • To see the supported Browsers by Wild Apricot click here. Please use one of these browsers before you start the registration or renewal process.

Possible solutions to allow you to get through the Membership Registration/Renewal process

  •  As stated above not all Browsers work with Wild Apricot. Try a different browser on your device if you have one. If not, try a different browser on another device. Even if you have to borrow another friend/family computer for a few minutes to get through this process. 
  • The browser Google Chrome is free and supported on all devices including Apple. Google Chrome seems to work well with Wild Apricot so consider installing that browser on your device if not already installed.
  • If all else fails and you can’t manage to complete the process on-line, remember you can always mail-in a check with your membership registration/renewal form. Click here for the Form that also includes the Aldrich Treasurer address (at bottom) where you have to mail the form and check.
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